Fashion City

Ministry of Entertainment

Fashion City is a sophisticated celebration of glamour and fashion.

Melbourne is, of course, the fashion capital of Australia and this work pays homage to that title. This unique and powerful performance is driven by the ‘Minister for dance’ himself, Mr Jason Coleman. You may remember Jason as the lead judge on channel 10’s So You Think You Can Dance. 

Jason also brings to the stage one of Melbourne’s leading female vocalists, Miss Sarah C. They will, of course, be joined by a DJ throughout the night. This powerful, high-octane show features over 60 models and dancers, and puts a theatrical twist on fashion and fame. It is a highly charged, 50-metre catwalk performance where the models, beautiful dancers, the DJ and the vocalists appear on stage together with Jason.

It’s an haute couture extravaganza that will light up the Bourke Street Mall on this, the whitest of nights.