Melbourne, Meet Your New Train

DAE White Night, The Electric Canvas & Ministry of Entertainment

Presented by Transport for Victoria (TfV)

Experience the future of public transport like never before – with a full-scale model of Melbourne’s next-generation train brought to life in lights at Birrarung Marr.

White Night will create a bespoke, multi-projector video and audio mapping work on the new train that will celebrate Victoria, and tell the train’s story, while simultaneously transforming and shape-shifting it in a dazzling, entertaining display of digital technology.

A visit to the prototype High Capacity Metro Train on the river front’s lower terrace will be an opportunity to see both world-class art and Melbourne’s bigger, better train – in a model spanning 40 metres in length – before the first of 65 hit the tracks from mid-2019.

White Night marks the end of Transport for Victoria’s year-long train design engagement process, where accessibility groups, passengers and technical groups provided valuable input to help shape the design of Melbourne’s new train.

And for one night only, during White Night, the train will be equipped with wireless headsets, as LED stick men host Melbourne’s biggest ever Silent Disco! Get on board the groove train, stopping all stations to Fun Town.