The Serpent Mother

Flaming Lotus Girls

Photo: Arin Fishkin

Fresh from Burning Man, this metallic reptile is both art installation and performance combined. Flames and mechanical automation combine to create a breathtaking Dionysian world of magic and chaos!

The Serpent Mother is a highly charismatic, kinetic sculpture, beloved by all who encounter her. Her skeletal spine of 92 vertebrae extends over 50 metres, ending coiled around her egg. Her arching spine and 41 participant-activated flame effects create a space like no other, while her participant-controlled head and jaws chomp at the sky. Her egg occasionally opens, giving birth to giant plumes of coloured fire, shooting into the sky in a show-stopping display.

The Serpent Mother challenges the traditional art perspective by creating an interactive experience: Unlike an unapproachable painting in a prestigious museum that invites only an intellectual admiration, The Serpent Mother invites viewers to physically engage in her art, becoming part of the installation.