Work Category: Enlighten @ White Night

Faces of YAPENYA, Paint Up

The Faces of YAPENYA is the preparation of paint up before ceremony. Each design represents family, and acknowledges Dja Dja Wurrung creator spirit, Bunjil. This connects to song, dance, language and story, to a culture over 65,000 years old. Concept: Mariaa Randall – DDWCAC Aboriginal Project Officer Filmmaker: Yandell Walton Faces of YAPENYA: Trent Nelson,… Read more »

The Cross-Fade Collective

A horizon line exists through the eyes of the viewer; it is the spot where things meet, lines, pathways converge. The horizon moves as the body moves, it is perspective, visualised. Featuring: Michael Kolargo – Bendigo Creek and the life force around it Danika Garnet-Rose Tayte – i want to tell you something Charlie Parish – Perspective… Read more »

Complimentary Lane

‘I can live for two months on a good compliment.’ – Mark Twain To compliment someone is to give a gift, a congratulatory kiss, a sign of approval. Yes! You’ve made an excellent decision. You’re dancing in the right direction. Your footwork is impeccable! This is a series of sincere compliments collected from the Bendigo… Read more »


A unique photographic work using images that have been carefully produced over the span of more than two years, using only analogue cameras and no digital editing. The distinctiveness of each image is created by modifying the 35mm film and lenses, as well as through hand-making cameras. The meditative and drawn-out nature of the creative… Read more »

Under the Same Sky

Under the Same Sky is a video art installation highlighting traditional dance featuring up to six cultural artists/performers exhibiting their skills. The dancers were filmed embracing the conceptual idea of movement and stillness. This projection offers the opportunity for social connectedness within the diverse cultural landscape, incorporating the artists, their cultural community and those willing to… Read more »

Presence and Absence

As a child I grew with a view of the horizon that rolled out before me ending with a tiny glittering sliver that was the sea. I watched the weather roll by season after season and stood in witness as the colours of the landscape reflected the changes. As an artist I find myself in… Read more »

Going with the flow: A fusion of things

An abstract representation of journey and arrival; the merging of cultures in Australia. In particular, the fusion of Aboriginal culture with western culture, but also the intermingling of both cultures with other cultures, as a result of multiculturalism and globalisation. This work is a celebration of this convergence. Aboriginal LORE is unchanging, but as a… Read more »

The Circular Horizon

A common thread, a singular inspiration across time and place, peoples and states. The horizon is that which we return to and arise from. The Circular Horizon is a visual poem of animated images and photography associated with cycles of day, night and in between, with sun, moon and earth and all its inhabitants. The animation… Read more »

Beyond the Horizon: The Lure of the Liminal Journey

This video projection work shares the simple human experience of walking as a metaphor for life’s journeys, departures and arrivals. The work features a diverse group of local people who undertook a public art walk, which was filmed at the Bendigo Creek. Through the everyday and often mundane act of walking, this work offers an… Read more »

過眼雲煙 // Some Kind of Self

Inspired by the rich Chinese history of Bendigo (particularly the Easter Parade, the lives of the miners, the Kwun Yum Temple and Joss House) this work is a reflection on the experience of my own Chinese/Asian identity. Considering specifically the Asian-Australian identity, effects of assimilation, internalised (and external) racism and racial stereotypes and more generally the… Read more »